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Hi, I'm Pierre Randria

and I'm a 36 years old programmer. Welcome to my portfolio!
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I'm kinda busy these days, but I finally made the very first prototype of my new project's displacement system.
Nothing fancy here, only pseudophysics and AABB collisions, but it still can help for controls adjustment.
Next step: slopes and contextual behaviours (jump, climb, etc.).

The Adobe Flash player is required, you can get it here.


I'm starting a new project with a very talented graphic designer called Augustin Bonne. It would be a mouse/one finger controls platformer game for PC, mobiles and tablets.
Nothing's done yet, tough. I'm learning how to use Starling, and it seems quite awesome!


I'm looking for a new job, preferably as an AS3 gameplay programmer.
Feel free to consult my resume and contact me :)


Behind every dying video game project is hidden bruised ambitions, a team, a context, a story; many determinants that, most of the time, escapes everyone with no direct link with the project. For the others, sadness overwhelms them, frustration maybe, and the failure is bigger if it's not complete and total.
So here's the post-mortem of Krisgard, written by Damian Connolly, lead programmer on the project, who shows the efforts, the successes and the mistakes made.
A severe assessment, but also fair; here's what remains of so much work.